The Episcopal Commission for the Prophetic Ministries

  • It is an Episcopal authority of communion between us who integrate the Episcopal Commission for the Prophetic Ministry and other Episcopal Commissions.
  • It is an authority of co-responsible coordination between the six dimensions of our Episcopal Commission: Doctrine of the faith, Catechesis, Bible, Missions, Education and Culture.
  • It is an authority of service of the Mexican Episcopal Conference, which inspires and encourages the Evangelization process of the Church in Mexico.
  • It is an authority of subsidiary and supportive service to the provinces and Dioceses, in accordance of the statutes of the Mexican Episcopal Conference.
  • It is in conjunction with, the other Episcopal Commissions, the animation team of the Permanent Continental Mission in Mexico of whose work, this Episcopal Conference should be the spearhead.



  • Dimension of the Faith
  • Dimension for the New Evangelization and the Catechesis
  • Animation of the Biblical Pastoral
  • The Pastoral of the Mission
  • Educational Pastoral
  • Cultural Pastoral 

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