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Jesus founded His Church giving it a structure, choosing the Twelve Apostles with Peter at the head (cfr. Mc 3, 14-16). The Bishops, successors of the Apostles, constitute a College, of which the Pope, successor of Peter is the head [1]. This College exercises its functions in many ways; one of them is through the Episcopal Conferences that exist in various nations. [2].

The Episcopal Conference, as a permanent institution, is the Assembly of the Bishops of a nation or territory, exercising together some pastoral functions with the faithful of their territories, promoting the Church the greater good to its entire people [3]. The Council of the Presidency is its main executive body.

The Mexican Episcopal Conference (CEM), is the collegiate body of the Mexican Bishops that, without diminishing the responsibility of each Bishop within their own Dioceses, encourages the promotion and guardianship of the priestly vocations, the development of training materials for the catechesis, the promotion and guardianship of the catholic universities and other educational institutions, the ecumenical commitment, the relations with civil authorities, the defense of human life, of peace, of human rights, the promotion of social justice and the use of means of social communication for evangelization [4].

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